For Immediate Release
August 8, 2023
2023-2024 Travel Hockey Practice Schedules Released

Dear RoughRiders Hockey Family,

We hope this email finds you all in high spirits and eagerly anticipating the upcoming hockey season. As we gear up for another incredible year of youth hockey, we want to take a moment to share our enthusiasm and the core values that drive our organization.

Here at the youth RoughRiders Hockey Club, we firmly believe in the power of long-term athlete development, retention, community inclusion, and creating leaders today, for tomorrow! With these core values at the heart of everything we do, we are committed to providing an unparalleled experience for our young athletes and their families.

Long-Term Athlete Development:

Our dedication to long-term athlete development means that we focus on creating well-rounded hockey players who not only excel in their skills on the ice but also grow as individuals. We prioritize age-appropriate training, emphasizing both physical and mental aspects of the game to nurture the talents of our players at every stage of their journey.


We recognize the value of building strong connections within our hockey community. Our goal is not only to develop great players but also to create a supportive and nurturing environment that fosters lasting friendships and bonds among our players, coaches, and families. Together, we will celebrate victories and learn from challenges, growing stronger as a united team.

Community Inclusion:

Youth RoughRiders Hockey Club is proud to be a diverse and inclusive community, welcoming players from all backgrounds and skill levels. We believe that hockey should be accessible to everyone and aim to provide opportunities for all interested individuals to participate, regardless of their financial situation or prior experience.

Creating Leaders Today, for Tomorrow!:

Our commitment to creating leaders extends beyond the rink. We strive to instill values of integrity, discipline, and teamwork in our players, empowering them to become leaders not only in hockey but also in their schools, families, and communities. We believe that the lessons learned on the ice translate into valuable life skills that will serve our athletes well in their futures.

As we embark on this new hockey season, we want to thank each one of you for being an essential part of the RoughRiders family. Your support, enthusiasm, and dedication make it all possible, and we couldn’t be prouder of the incredible community we have built together.

Below you will find the projected practice schedule, and this schedule could change as it based upon projected number or players and not final.

Let’s make this season one for the books as we embrace the joy of hockey, embody our core values, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Let’s lace up our skates and get ready to hit the ice with full force! Go RoughRiders!

8U Travel

Parent Meeting: 8U Travel – September 13 @ 615-715pm

  • 8U Travel On-Ice – 1st Week of October
    • RYHL Mondays: 500-600pm
    • 8U Travel Tuesday’s (30-30-30 8U & 10U Travel): 500-600pm
    • 8U Travel Thursday’s (30-30-30 8U & 10U Travel): 500-600pm
  • 8U Travel Off-Ice – 1st Week of October
    • Tuesday’s: 615-700pm

10U Travel

Parent Meeting: 10U Travel – September 19 @ 600-700pm

  • 10U Travel On-Ice – 1st Week of October
    • RYHL Monday’s: 615-715pm
    • 10U Travel Tuesday’s (30-30-30 8U & 10U Travel): 530-630pm
    • 10U Travel Thursday’s (30-30-30 8U & 10U Travel): 530-630pm
  • 10U Travel off-Ice 1st Week of October
    • Monday’s 515-600pm

12U Travel

Parent Meeting: 12U Travel – September 20 @ 600-700pm

  • 12U Travel On-Ice – 1st Week of October
    • Tuesday’s: 500-615pm
    • Wednesday’s: 500-615pm
    • Thursday’s: 630-730pm
  • 12U Travel Off-Ice
    • Wednesday’s: 630-715pm
    • Thursday’s: 530-615pm

14U Travel

Parent Meeting: 14U Travel – September 21 @ 600-700pm

Starts week of September 25

  • 25th OLY 730-845
    26th NHL 500-615
    27th OLY 630-745
    28th OLY 615-730
  • 14U Travel On-Ice – 1st Week of October
    • Monday’s Skills (All Teams): 730-845pm
    • Tuesday’s (Girls & Black): 630-745pm
    • Wednesday’s (Green & Girls): 630-745pm
    • Thursday’s (Black & Green): 745-900pm
  • 14U Travel Off-Ice
    • Tuesday (Girls & Black) 515-615pm
    • Wednesday’s (Green & Girls): 515-615pm
    • Thursday’s (Black & Green): 630-730pm

High School Travel

Parent Meeting: High School – September 12 @ 600-700pm

Starts week of September 18

  • 19th NHL 630-745, 800-915
    20th NHL 745-915
    21st NHL 645-800, 815-930
    24th Either 900-1000, 1015-1115am
  • 26th NHL 630-745, 800-915
    27th NHL 615-730, 745-900
    28th NHL 645-800, 815-930
    1st Either 900-1000, 1015-1115am
  • High School Travel Off-Ice 1st Week of October
    • Tuesday’s: 645-745pm
    • Wednesday’s:
      • JV: 745-845pm
      • V: 630-730pm
    • Thursday’s:
      • JV: 815-915pm
      • V: 700-800pm

November Practice Thanksgiving Break

  • Monday, Nov 20: 500-615 & 630-745pm
    Tuesday, Nov 21: 500-615 & 630-745
    Friday, Nov 24: 1215-130 & 145-300
    Saturday, Nov 25: 1115-1215pm

December Practice for Games

  • Wednesday, Dec 27: 500-615 & 630-745
    Thursday, Dec 28: 115-230, 245-400
  • High School Travel On-Ice 1st Week of October
    • Tuesday’s Skills: 800-915pm
    • Wednesday’s:
      • JV: 615-730pm
      • V: 745-900pm
    • Thursday’s:
      • JV 645-800pm
      • V 815-930pm