Hello RoughRiders Family,

As we move closer to the start of tryouts and beginning the process of being back in ImOn Ice full-time I want to give a quick update on our ice status here. As of now, they are projecting we will have the Olympic ice sheet back up and running on August 19, 2021. We will operate with the single sheet until September 27. While running of one sheet there is a balance with all the other ice users that we will be juggling. Our projected start dates are as follows, but this can change:

High School week of September 13

14U week of September 20

12U/10U week of September 27

8U Travel Select week of October 4

I am in the process of finalizing the start of IP and RYHL as well. With that timing of the OLY rink and NHL rink being later than expected we are working closely with ImOn Ice Arena to finalize all details. The goal is to have a projected practice schedule, start of IP & RYHL all to be completed by the end of the day today.

Be sure to register before the end of the Early Bird Travel Season tuition on Sunday, August 8. Starting Monday, August 9, 2021 the tuition increases $200 for the season. This 1st deadline is coming quickly.

End of Year Awards

All the end of year awards have arrived and are available for pick up.

What is the General Fund?

Over the past month, as we have moved through the planning of the Golf Tournament, I have received the questions of “what the General Fund is” and “how it impacts my player”. The General Fund is used for anything that assists in the growth and improvement of the club that is not in the year’s budget. Here are some of the items and additions we have used the General Fund for over the past few years:

  • Purchased 8U tournament boards
  • 10 sets of new goalie gear
  • 45 sets of new player gear
  • 30+ new youth helmets
  • Additional Pucks
  • Intermediate nets
  • IP & RYHL Replacement Jerseys
  • Goalie sessions added in 2019-2020
  • USHL Assistant Coach, Bobby Goepfert was brought out during goalie sessions
  • Unexpected additions of non-parent coaches
  • Inventory of game socks, jerseys, gloves, and bags for on-site purchase
  • Coaching software
  • Off-ice training equipment
  • End of Year Banquet ice and awards
  • Scholarships
  • Growth initiatives
    • Free 8U IP hockey during the 2020-2021 season
    • Try Hockey For Free additional marketing and events

Upcoming Dates

  • Sunday, August 8: Early Bird Season Registration Ends
  • Thursday, August 12: Last Day to Register for Golf Outing
  • Tuesday, August 17: 1st RRHC Coach Meeting
  • Friday, August 19: Season Registration Ends
  • Saturday, August 21: State of RRHC Address
    • Starts at 9:00am at ImOn Ice Arena and we do have ice for the players to come and participate in a open skate. This is an open skate not a stick time, and friends and family are welcomed to join the players.
  • Sunday, August 22: 1st Annual Golf Outing
  • Monday, August 23: Tryouts Start

Gloves, Apparel, and Bags

We will be offering the option to buy Warrior Gloves this year and the same bags as previous years. The switch from CCM to Warrior this year is caused by the labor and material shortage that the pandemic has caused. We will have an order coming out soon. The online store is in the process of being built, however, much like the gloves through CCM with the pandemic causing labor and material shortages some items with Under Armor are on back order. With that said, we are working on building of an online store that has items in stock and ready to go.

We are in the process of finalizing teams and sponsors and are in the last week of our push for this. We need everyone’s assistance in sharing our social media posts, forwarding and sharing emails, sharing the flyer with their friends, family, employers, and anyone else that loves to golf while supporting our club. Over the next several days we will be pushing out information on all media outlets so be on the lookout for that. Furthermore, if you are interested in playing, but you don’t have a team please still register to play as we are receiving individual and pairs signing up as well. 

Our Director of Goaltending, Jake Stack, and his band will be playing at the end of the tournament. Even if you are not there for the golf, come out grab dinner and still support the Club and Coach Jake’s band The Unincorporated. The ultimate goal of the Golf Tournament is to bring the community together in a way to celebrate RRHC while just another opportunity to spend time with our great families and community supporters.

The Golf Tournament Committee is also seeking volunteers to assist during the actual event. Anyone willing to be a part of this 1st annual event is welcomed to sign up. This can be done below:

Once you sign up to volunteer one of the committee members will be in touch with timing and assignments for the 22nd outing.

This year’s State of Annual Membership Meeting: State of RRHC Address will take place on Saturday, August 21 @ 9:00am @ ImOn Ice Arena. The meeting’s agenda will address, but not limited to the following:

  • Spring/Summer Recap
  • Plans for this Year
  • State of RRHC
  • Communication
  • Executive Director Responsibility Within RRHC
  • Potential New Jersey Style 2022-2023 Season
  • Reverse Q&A
  • Standard Q&A

There will also be ice available for the players and family to skate from 9:00-10:00am as well. This is an open skate not a stick time. Friends and other family welcomed!

Last night our Executive Board of Directors Approved the year’s Advisory Board.

8U Off-Ice Division Director: Jamie Sebring

10U Off-Ice Division Director: Pam Zane

12U Off-Ice Division Director: Lisa Frey

14U Off-Ice Division Director: Sam Lagneaux

High School President and MWAHA Rep: Josh Frank

Director of Social Media: Sam Lagneaux

Director of Fundraising: The Petersen-Frett’s & Sam Lagneaux

I am still in the process of adding 2 more positions to the Advisory Board of Directors for the upcoming season. These will be announced, hopefully, in Monday’s Director Udpate.

An update on scheduled starts, and registration should be available by the end of the weekend. Thanks for your patience as we work closely with ImOn Ice Arena management to get the August and September schedules finalized.