Here are recent comments about our Instructional Program (IP) from the parents of two of our players:

 “Having the option of playing and paying 2 months at a time for the IP is super beneficial for our household as we cannot always commit or participate in a full season. The cost also is very effective for what they are getting out of the program. Coaching is top notch. While there are some parent coaches, coaches have a clear knowledge of the game and are there for all kids. The ADM station model is fantastic because as a family we are more worried about our children improving their skills than scrimmaging for multiple practices in a row. Also, having coaches wear the same warm-up is a game-changer. It just makes the whole program as a whole look that much more professional.

“Cedar Rapids IP is the reason why our kids have made vast improvements in the game. The skill based work is so appreciated by our kids and our family. Dustin and his group are doing great things to develop well rounded hockey players. The IP program is some of the best group skill sessions my kids have ever attended and they have been to a lot!”

RRHC is proud to announce, with support from ImOn Ice Arena and VenuWorks, that this upcoming session of Instructional Program (IP) will be FREE to ALL AGES*. IP is an essential program to the continue growth and development of our players and club. We are able to expand this opportunity to all ages for two major contributing factors, firstly, ImOn Ice Arena’s support, and our 1st Annual Golf Tournament. Thank you to ImOn Ice Arena leadership and everyone who contributed to our successful Golf Tournament this past summer. Together we are continuing to break down barriers for introduction!

Furthermore, the generosity of gear donations from our current families and Heather Adams of Corridor Hockey Association has allowed us to provide a completely FREE trade-in and rental gear program. If your player needs 1st time gear, growing and needs different sizes bring in the small gear and size up, or if you have gear laying in your garage unused then bring it in to continue to support the next group of RRHC players. All gear and RRHC apparel will be gladly accepted for donations towards the growth of the club.

IP (All Birth Years)

Dates & Times:
Wednesday, October 27 @ 5:15pm
Wednesday, November 3 @ 5:15pm
Wednesday, November 10 @ 5:15pm
Wednesday, November 17 @ 5:15pm
Wednesday, December 1 @ 5:15pm
Wednesday, December 16 @ 5:15pm
Price: FREE for all non-travel registered players!