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Girls Hockey Program

    Here at RoughRiders Hockey Club – Cedar Rapids (RRHC) are in the process of building our girls program here. With that said, we have a very good strong core of RRHC local girls for the creation of an 8U, 10U, and 12U girls only tournament team.


    Key Details About RRHC Girls Hockey:

      • These teams are in addition to your current home association schedule. Your home association takes precedence over playing for our teams.
      • If possible – NOT REQUIRED – we will provide you an option to come down and join us for a practice or two leading up to the tournament weekends.
      • Your current home association can NOT have a current girls’ team for your age group.
      • Jerseys and socks will be provided for your player for the weekend and returned afterwards. If you’d like to purchase them that can be discussed later.


    Do I have to commit to all the tournaments?

    No, if you are only available for one, two, or three great.

    Is there concern with team cohesion with tournament only players?

    Yes, but our coaching staff is already aware of this beforehand. Therefor we will work diligently to bring the girls together with team building activities at tournaments and/or team zoom calls throughout the season.

    I currently coach with our home association and would be interested in being a part of the staff?

    This will be evaluated on a case-by-case situation based upon interview questions that would reveal philosophies and core values of you as a coach. 



    For more information our girls hockecy program, please send an email to Josh Jensen, Monica Freiberger, or Dustin Timm.