FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: August 21st, 2023

RoughRiders Hockey Club (RRHC) is proud to announce an update to our RoughRiders Youth Hockey League (RYHL) Structure.

Starting in the 2023 September-October session, RRHC is introducing a change in structure to elevate the RYHL experience for participants. A pinnacle feature of this transformation is the introduction of pre-formed teams, each led by dedicated coaches, fostering an environment of unity and strong camaraderie among players. The six-week session will witness 8u, 10u, and 10u+ players thoughtfully selected to join their respective teams based on their age. Throughout the session, standings will be kept and will be posted on our RYHL webpage.

The key benefits of this revamped RYHL structure include:

  1. Enhanced Team Dynamics: Pre-set teams enable players to forge deeper relationships, imbuing a profound sense of unity and shared purpose within the league.
  2. Focused Coaching: Each team will be under the guidance of a designated coach, ensuring personalized feedback and skill enhancement throughout the RYHL journey.
  3. Thrilling Standings and Competition: The incorporation of standings injects an element of excitement, competition and FUN to each and every game!

Parents are encouraged to keep in mind the following details:

This transition to the new RYHL structure hinges on registration numbers. Should specific age groups lack sufficient registrants, the transition might be subject to adjustments. *Reminder: RYHL participation is included in 8u and 10u Travel Tuition, so no need for separate registration.

To accommodate varying numbers of teams and ensure convenience, players may have games scheduled at differing times from week to week. However, all games will be held either at 5:00 pm or 6:15 pm on Mondays.

You can register for RYHL and Instructional Program (IP) Here!

We are so excited for these changes to our RYHL and hope you all are too. If you have any questions, please reach out to Jefferson Stack: