RRHC Update, August 20, 2020

Hello RoughRiders Family,

We hope this finds everyone safe and healthy first and foremost. We will continue for the next few months to bring you updates on a weekly basis. The situation is very fluid and will continue to be due to COVID-19 and the overall ramifications following Derecho.

Our goal is to have a season that focuses on what RoughRiders Hockey Club stands for and will continue to focus on, development of our players both on and off ice. The season will undoubtedly look different, but it does not change what we strive for each season.

We believe there is a small chance of no season, but with COVID-19 not impossible. Our season all year could be (dependent on ImOn Ice) all over the map varying 1-3 skates per week. So, if your family feels it is better to move to another association, in conjunction with MWAHA, RRHC has waived our right to have that count towards your transfers within the affiliate as long as you come back to RRHC for the 2021-2022 season.

Optimistically, we are still awaiting the timeline of ImOn Ice Arena’s eventual return but have received Coral Ridge’s ice availability and it has put into motion the beginning steps of the planning process. Unfortunately, the ice time during the week is late at Coralville and limits our ability to have our young age groups skate during the week there, but doesn’t include weekends; however, our goal is to have our players skate 1-3 times per week and will vary week to week depending on ice around the area. We are still working and communicating closely with Waterloo Youth Hockey Association and Dubuque Hockey Association on potential options there at Young Arena and Mystique.

Adjustments to season financials – this will be processed over the next few days:

  • All current and future registrations will be given our early bird tuition fee.
    • Any registrations that have occurred after the end of Early Bird will be given a credit.
  • Season payment plans will be put on pause as we work through development of a season and these details.

Here are some items that are currently be discussed and by no means are final:

  • 8U-14U – Delayed start options – this will extend season into March and/or early April
    • November 1, 2020 or January 2021 with development weekend skates until then
  • No games/tournaments until January 1, 2021 other than Iowa Cowbell Cup (2 weekends, 8 games) – 1st half of year focusing on development due to ice restrictions and COVID-19.
    • Developmental weekend skates until we can play and understand COVID-19 and ImOn Ice timeline.
  • Home tournaments – being pushed back to 2021 and potentially as late as March or early April or being cancelled all together.
  • Competing in the Youth Midwest League Championships in March dependent of a positive outcome between MWAHA, MHL, and Iowa Cowbell Cup representatives this week.

The high school league, Mid-West Hockey League, has a meeting on Saturday to discuss options for the season as well. When a decision is decided we will communicate our plan for the high school season at that time.

We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding as we continue to work through the development of a positive experience for all during the 2020-2021 season. Stay safe and healthy!

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