FEBRUARY 27, 2022

March-April RYHL & IP Session Information

RoughRiders Hockey Club (RRHC) is proud to announce the details for the RoughRiders Youth Hockey League (RYHL) & Instructional Program (IP) for the March-April session of 2022. All travel and non-travel players are welcomed to join either or both programs.

RYHL is the in-house hockey games for RRHC. The format of RYHL is 3v3 or 4v4 half ice with goalies. This structure creates less time and space for all players involved thus creating an environment where players are forced to process and play at a faster pace than that of a full ice game. The games will take place with music playing and only faceoffs before the start of the periods allowing for maximum play time and an exciting atmosphere that have players coming back for more action.

IP is the skills portion for all players looking to improve on their individual skills. The focus in the Instructional Program is designed to assist in the players’ individual skills such as skating, passing, puck control, shooting, and game sense. IP is a valuable program for all players as learning proper technique and/or retraining of fundamentals is vital part of success in games long term. The IP practices are designed and ran by RRHC’s Executive Director, Dustin Timm with the assistance from experienced and knowledgeable coaches within RRHC.

The March-April session of RYHL and IP are historically the most popular session of the year. This March & April will see two hours of both consisting of two groups. Group 1 will be made up of the birth years 2012 thru 2016 and group 2 will be the birth years 2011-2008. This will allow for players of similar ages to be grouped together while keeping a strong player to coach ratio. Group 1 will be at the 5:15pm times on Mondays & Wednesdays, and group 2 will be 6:30pm on the same days.

RYHL will be using up to 4 goalies per night, maybe 6 depending on number of teams. To register for a goalie, the player must be signed up for RYHL/IP or registered as a drop-in player.

Instructional Program Dates & Times

Wednesday, March 23 @ 5:15pm or 6:30pm
Wednesday, April 6 @ 5:15pm or 6:30pm
Wednesday, April 13 @ 5:15pm or 6:30pm
Wednesday, April 20 @ 5:15pm or 6:30pm
Wednesday, April 27 @ 5:15pm or 6:30pm

RoughRiders Youth Hockey League Dates & Times

Monday, March 21 @ 5:15pm or 6:30pm
Monday, April 4 @ 5:15pm or 6:30pm
Monday, April 11 @ 5:15pm or 6:30pm
Monday, April 18 @ 5:15pm or 6:30pm
Monday, April 25 @ 5:15pm or 6:30pm

IP: $60 / player
RYHL: $60 / player
Both IP & RYHL: $102 / player (15% savings)

For any questions or to register visit our website today!


IP & RYHL Testimonials

“Cedar Rapids IP is the reason why our kids have made vast improvements in the game. The skill-based work is so appreciated by our kids and our family. Dustin and his group are doing great things to develop well rounded hockey players. The IP program is some of the best group skill sessions my kids have ever attended and they have been to a lot!”

“Having the option of playing and paying 2 months at a time for the IP is super beneficial for our household as we cannot always commit or participate in a full season. The cost also is very effective for what they are getting out of the program. Coaching is top notch. While there are some parent coaches, coaches have a clear knowledge of the game and are there for all kids. The ADM station model is fantastic because as a family we are more worried about our children improving their skills than scrimmaging for multiple practices in a row. Also, having coaches wear the same warm-up is a game-changer. It just makes the whole program as a whole look that much more professional.”