Hello RoughRiders Family,

Today, Iowa Governor Reynolds, signed a proclamation putting a temporary pause to all youth sports through December 10, 2020. This extends the RRHC voluntary pause from December 1 through the 10th. RRHC has been planning for this potential shut down for several weeks already as it has been a trend across the country. All players, if they haven’t already, will be receiving at home workouts that include plyometrics and shooting. Furthermore, RRHC as of today has started the 5,000 and 10,000 puck touch challenges:

10,000 Puck Touch Challenge Sheet

5,000 Shot Challenge Sheet

This temporary pause does not give our players a vacation from their responsibility to their teammates to get better each and every day. Even more so than ever, our players now have the opportunity to demonstrate their true desire as individuals to get better on their own. To demonstrate that they are RoughRiders! I challenge every player in the club to complete all the training and puck touches challenge! We want to see 100% participation. That is our goal, and that should be your goal as a player. Be the solution and not the excuse.




Dustin Timm
RRHC Executive Director