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2021-2022 Riders Challenge Cup 10U

Congratulations to the 2021-2022 10U Riders Challenge Cup Champions and Runner-Ups

Riders Challenge Cup Rules

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10U Schedule

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10U Riders Challenge Cup Series Schedule

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10U Riders Challenge Cup Series 2021-2022

January 21-23, 2022

Friday, January 21, 2022

StartFinishGame #RinkDesc.Locker RmAway (Dark)Home (Light)Locker Rm
1200PM100PM1NHLB Division1Mason City MohawksWaterloo Junior Hawks3
1215PM115PM2OLYB Division3Ames Flyers OrangeRoughRiders White1
115PM215PM3NHLA Division2Ames Flyers BlackQuad City Ice Eagles4
130PM230PM4OLYC Division4Lincoln Junior StarsWaukesha Warhawks2
230PM330PM5NHLB Division1Sioux City GreenDes Moines Jr. Bucs Blue3
245PM345PM6OLYB Division3Waukesha WarhawksSt Louis Rockets1
345PM445PM7NHLA Division2WasecaKC Mavs4
400PM500PM8*OLYC Division4Ames Flyers WhiteWaunakee Wildcats2
515PM615PM9*OLYC Division3Des Moines Junior Bucs whiteMeramac sharks1
630PM730PM10*OLYA Division4Sioux City GoldWaterloo Junior Hawks2
*OLY viewing deck will be closed for USHL RoughRiders game

Saturday, January 22, 2022

StartFinishGame #RinkDesc.Locker RmAway (Dark)Home (Light)Locker Rm
715AM815AM11NHLC Division1Waunakee WildcatsLincoln Junior Stars3
745AM845AM12OLYC Division3Waukesha WarhawksDes Moines Junior Bucs white1
830AM930AM13NHLC Division2Meramac sharksAmes Flyers White4
1045AM1145AM14OLYA Division4Waterloo Junior HawksWaseca2
1115AM1215PM15NHLA Division1KC MavsAmes Flyers Black3
1200PM100PM16OLYA Division3Quad City Ice EaglesSioux City Gold1
1230PM130PM17NHLB Division2RoughRiders WhiteSt Louis Rockets4
115PM215PM18OLYB Division4Sioux City GreenWaterloo Junior Hawks2
145PM245PM19NHLB Division1Waukesha WarhawksAmes Flyers Orange3
230PM330PM20OLYC Division3Lincoln Junior StarsMeramac sharks1
300PM400PM21NHLB Division2Mason City MohawksDes Moines Jr. Bucs Blue4
345PM445PM22OLYC Division4Ames Flyers WhiteWaukesha Warhawks2
415PM515PM23NHLC Division1Des Moines Junior Bucs whiteWaunakee Wildcats3
500PM600PM24OLYA Division3Waterloo Junior HawksAmes Flyers Black1
530PM630PM25NHLA Division2Quad City Ice EaglesWaseca4
615PM715PM26OLYB Division4St Louis RocketsAmes Flyers Orange2
645PM745PM27NHLA Division1KC MavsSioux City Gold3
730PM830PM28OLYB Division3Des Moines Jr. Bucs BlueWaterloo Junior Hawks1
800PM900PM29NHLB Division2Sioux City GreenMason City Mohawks4
845PM945PM30OLYB Division4RoughRiders WhiteWaukesha Warhawks2

Sunday, January 23 2022

StartFinishGame #RinkDesc.Locker RmAway (Dark)Home (Light)Locker Rm
700AM800AM31NHLTheodore Semi1Theodore #1Theodore #23
715AM815AM32OLYRoosevelt Semi3Roosevelt #1Roosevelt #21
815AM915AM33NHLTeddy Semi2Teddy #1Teddy #24
830AM930AM34OLYTheo Semi4Theo #1Theo #22
930AM1030AM35NHLC Division Consolation1Teddy #3Theo #33
945AM1045AM36OLYA Division Conolation3Theodore #3Roosevelt #31
1045AM1145AM37NHLB Division 3rd Place Game2Abdelkader #2Martinez #24
1100AM1200PM38OLYB Division Consolation4Abdelkader #3Martinez #32
1200PM100PM39NHLB Division Championship1Abdelkader #1Martinez #13
1215PM115PM40OLYB Division Consolation3Abdelkader #4Martinez #41
115PM215PM41NHLA Division Championship2Theodore Semi WinnerRoosevelt Semi Winner4
130PM230PM42OLYC Division Championship4Teddy Semi WinnerTheo Semi Winner2

A Division

B Division

C Division

Theodore Division

Roosevelt Division

Abdelkader Division

Martinez Division

Teddy Division

Theo Division

Waterloo Junior HawksWasecaSioux City GreenRoughRiders WhiteLincoln Junior StarsWaukesha Warhawks
Quad City Ice EaglesSioux City GoldMason City MohawksWaukesha WarhawksAmes Flyers WhiteWaunakee Wildcats
KC MavsAmes Flyers BlackWaterloo Junior HawksSt Louis RocketsDSM Jr. Bucs WhiteMeramac sharks
DSM Jr. Bucs BlueAmes Flyers Orange

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